Key West Sandbar Tours

Choose from 4 & 6 hour Key West sandbar tours and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Lower Keys!

Sandbar Tour Options

Sandbar tours with Wall To Wall are all about giving our guests a great time on the water. Our tours are designed for a mix of relaxation and fun as we cruise through the Florida Keys on a well-equipped boat. When we anchor at the sandbars, you can hop off the boat, wade into the shallow waters, and take in the scenery. Our guides make sure everything runs smoothly and we also provide coolers with ice and bottled water – you can bring your own beverages and don’t forget towels and sunscreen! A Key West sandbar tour is the perfect choice for a laid-back family day or a lively hangout with friends. Come join us for a day of tropical vibes at the Key West sandbars!

All sandbar tours depart from Stock Island Yacht Club & Marina at 10:00 AM, and our 33′ boat accommodates up to 6 guests. Experience the beautiful sandbars Key West has to offer!

4 Hour Sandbar Tour: $1,000

6 Hour Sandbar Tour: $1,200

The Best Sandbars In Key West

Key West and its surrounding areas are home to several beautiful sandbars, providing excellent opportunities for relaxation, water activities, and socializing. Some of the best sandbars to visit near Key West, Florida, include:

  1. Wisteria Island Sandbar (Christmas Tree Island): Located near Key West Harbor, Wisteria Island is a popular spot with shallow, clear waters. It’s a favorite for boaters and snorkelers, and its proximity to Key West makes it easily accessible.
  2. Snipes Point: Situated in the backcountry waters, Snipes Point is known for its sandy bottom and calm, shallow waters. It’s an ideal spot for anchoring and enjoying a peaceful day on the water.
  3. Woman Key Sandbar: Located in the Marquesas Keys, Woman Key offers a remote and tranquil sandbar experience. It’s part of a protected area with vibrant marine life, making it a great destination for snorkeling and wildlife enthusiasts.
  4. Boca Grande Sandbar: North of Key West, Boca Grande is a popular sandbar destination accessible by boat. The shallow waters and sandy bottom make it perfect for anchoring, swimming, and enjoying a day in the sun.
  5. Content Keys: This group of keys, including Snipe Keys and Mud Keys, offers secluded and picturesque sandbars surrounded by turquoise waters. It’s a bit farther from Key West, providing a more serene experience.
  6. Klien Bonaire Sandbar: Located to the west of Key West, Klien Bonaire is a sandbar known for its clear waters and vibrant marine life. It’s a bit of a boat ride, but the pristine conditions make it a worthwhile destination.

Remember to check local regulations and ensure you have the necessary permits if required when visiting these sandbars on your own. Take the worry out of operating a boat and finding the best spots by booking a sanbar tour with Wall To Wall!

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